Discover Your Next Steps Into A New Place

Creating space to “cause the pause” is essential.

Especially when we are not able to see our vision or experience our freedom. Fear and drama will work overtime to distract us, and at times even bully us into believing our identity comes from a title, the place we work, the group to which we belong, or how others’ may or may not perceive our value or success.

Drama makes loops and patterns. Shaping our beliefs. It tries to tie us up, get us stuck, and sends the message, “all will be the same no matter where we may go”. Fear rationalizes choices, creates doubt, and sets extreme limits often by using our incomes as bargaining chips. Trying to convince us that it is not possible to create what we need in new or different ways.

Give yourself patience and the space you need to uplift your well-being. See your value and explore your purpose. Ask empathy to support your growth and evolutionary process. This means being kinder and more compassionate with yourself. Include your creativity and imagination. These will support your next steps forward, into a new place.

May authentic security flow with purposeful power for the sunshine you carry within your heart. May you give yourself the gifts of nature and ease along the way.

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