Blend Possibilities & Engage Bold Confidence

As snow falls in the Twin Cities on this third day in April, it’s hard to imagine spring sunshine and warmer temperatures are close at hand. This image speaks to me of my experience at various times along the path of self-leadership. The boldness and natural drama is a vibrant vision of colors and beauty. Yet it’s terrible to think what colder temperatures or a mighty wind storm would do if it were to strike these gorgeous new blooms.

Confidence for our vision is needed, especially today. And it’s the kind of confidence that allows us to blend possibilities with practical awareness. We need to boldly explore our options and approaches. Remaining steadfast and committed.

As one person said to me recently, “Anything worth going for in my life, has often caused me to cry”. Living requires a full circle filled with joys and sorrows, celebrations and apprehensions, and everything in between. Many are asking: How do I move forward? What’s next? How do I decide? The choices themselves can be overwhelming, especially when we already feel submerged by limitations or responsibilities.

We need to ask deeper questions. Like what really matters to me? How can I help myself believe good things are possible when there is so much unrest and stress? Or like the meadow, can I create something beautiful knowing there is a possibility of risk? With much change, confusion, and challenge surrounding the world view it may be hard to cultivate an optimal picture of what you want next, for your life or within your career. Yet we need to activate trust for self-leadership, knowing our creative resources are available come rain or shine (or blizzard). It is even more essential to gather our inner trust during those times.

The world needs courageous people to blend new possibilities with an understanding vision for going forward together. May you experience authentic confidence, and love yourself more boldly. In turn, share your fierce optimism with others.

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