Let The Quiet Be Your Guide

While enjoying numerous conversations this past weekend at our family’s graduation event a number of wonderful things occurred. First it was so fun to be with a diverse age group of people with the youngest being under six and the oldest over seventy. We talked about the future, memories and stories from long ago, and the need for more time in nature. How to cultivate intuition in our day-to-day, and remembering to trust our instincts. Why this can be challenging at work and more so without a mission or purpose beyond profits.

There was a great quiet that took place before everyone arrived, and the three of us were comforted by it. We were conscious of its arrival and welcomed it. Allowing it to frame the middle of the day’s event, from graduation to the group celebration. We agreed it was good. Cherishing the sounds from outdoors that came through the open doorway, and the natural way we learned to be together, as we were in her younger years. It made me recall all the times we were together doing different things, like reading, homework, or just napping. I reveled in the moment and will remember this important “milestone day” even more. Recalling a poem, I wrote earlier this year, I am sharing it and may it spark your awareness and pleasure for cultivating silence.

Quiet by Beth Wellesley
Falling in love with one’s life may require countless lessons
For some of us it includes making peace
With silence
If you recognize this challenge
Perhaps you understand how I cling to the words
Hearing them spoken
Sung out
Or floating through my thoughts
Yet the glorious nature
Of the speechless quiet
Grazes my imagination
Lifting all imbalance from my frequent activities
Into a new world filled with fresh observations
And creative possibilities
Where intuition is born

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