It’s All About Balance

Make choices for valuable change.

Awareness is the key to creating choices for balance. It’s essential to what we believe, how we think, and the way we communicate. Promoting Brilliance supports growth and awareness for your leadership, communication, collaboration, and career/life development.

Our focus “It’s All About Balance” relates to being, giving, and receiving empathy and candor — allowing these to balance your perspective and choices.

One of the greatest compliments we give (and a form of respect) is sharing authentic trust by way of expressing empathy and candor — together. Unfortunately too often discussions become “defensive” where win/lose, right/wrong, and various “sides” get formed, all of which leads to further disconnection and misunderstandings. Unfortunately these can cause unnecessary “drama”.

Be committed to hearing another with a new lens for empathy that can include candor. This may take practice and agreements upfront. For example, ask one another to learn together. Think of this as worthwhile to your growth and your relationship. The change we need begins with each us, as we become more aware of our need to balance and choose empathy. Remember start by thinking of empathy as a gift you can give yourself and a gift of respect to share with others. Put the same into practice with candor. And over time you will learn to blend these together with more awareness.

Energize your values, vision and vitality with Promoting Brilliance.

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