Make Space for Clarity & Change

Silence is so powerful and important. There is so much to be learned from it.

Truthful words from a great leader, Fred Rogers. He also shared, “It seems to me some of us value information over wonder, and noise over silence. And I feel we need a whole lot more wonder and silence in our lives.”

Consider this a positive challenge — create space for quiet in your daily life. How can you make this happen? When will this work with your current priorities? What will you do to make this comfortable, especially as you get started?

Turning off your devices and shutting down your screens will open you to a world of new possibilities. Allow the quiet to guide you home, to your creativity. You may need to start by writing in silence or deciding to begin with mediation. If this sounds really difficult begin with writing. If you need help thinking about what to write, start with topics that express appreciation. Write about all the people and experiences you appreciate. Write about all the things you enjoy. Or what you find energizing. Write about new experiences that you believe will energize you.

Promoting Brilliance supports reflection. We refer our coaching services as Active Reflection, which clears the way to go beyond the problems, looking forward in order to move towards all that supports your authentic options and real possibilities. Gain greater self-awareness that aligns with your values for clarity and decision-making.

Energize your values, vision and vitality with Promoting Brilliance.

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