Your Life Is A Masterpiece

Enjoy The Process of Discovery

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.”  – Fred Rogers

When I paint it reminds of a great conversation. I am unsure where it will take me yet grateful for the connection. When trust is present there is more freedom to be vulnerable or to go deep. There are times I travel to places that I never imagined. Other times I am stretched, and experience something similar to when I’ve worked out after a lengthy refrain from this ritual. It’s clear my muscles needed to be employed and used again.

Creating is a communion. And like the connections we share within a meaningful discussion it expands us, helping us to light upon greater truth. The effort is worth the discovery, and the trip is worth the work.

May today be one of those days you can step back and see the masterpiece you are creating. May you experience genuine appreciation for your life, and and all who are contributing to your work of art.

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