Sharing Fierce Optimism

Is your perspective half empty?
Or half full?

There are times when we need to create change within our perspective at work and in life. We can do this by taking a trip to go inside. I call this “adjusting the size or form” of the glass that we are fixated upon. Living with an intent to share optimism is a continuous balancing act, and it requires focus to blend diverse points of view. This is especially true when our desire is to make a difference at work or live on purpose. Too often we place our focus on all that is transpiring in the outside world. as well as within the “visual bombardment” of the virtual worlds. Cultivate time to go within and connect with your values. Seek out the perspective of your inner life and connect with your real energy.

Make this a practice.

Listen to what you have to say. At first this may be flooded with all the worries or “to dos”. Resist the urge to stop there. Breath and go deeper. Commit. Allow yourself the space to relax. Think of this as time to reflect with the intent to generate balance. Give yourself space to connect with that which brings satisfaction. If you cannot let go of the “to dos’ ask yourself to see all that you “giving and doing”. See how you are making a difference in the lives of others, and in your own life.

Appreciate your life.

If things are challenging or if you are experiencing impatience, take the leap forward and ask yourself to look for authentic facts surrounding your situation. Seek out all that you CAN appreciate at this time. Start with the natural world. In meditation and yoga we start by appreciating our breath. Begin here and move your perspective forward to see the beauty within your life.

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