Live Your Purpose & Make A Difference

“The more you grow into a helpful person … the happier you’ll find this world of ours is.” Fred Rogers

Your values hold meaning and comprise the “matter” for your creative purpose. Like DNA, they define how you can make difference. Values connect us with our “why” and “how” for leadership in life and at work. Gain self-awareness and courageous confidence to experience your authentic purpose with Promoting Brilliance.

Our Purpose

Promoting Brilliance’s purpose is growth and effective communication. Founded on values of appreciation we consult with individuals and organizations during times of growth and change. We are collaborative leaders who support thoughtful decision-making and offer Drama Busting™ tools for calm and clarity. We work with leaders, managers, teams, business owners, contractors, partners, new graduates, and students.

Collaborative Leadership

Areas of expertise includes: leadership development, collaborative communication, change management, team development, facilitation, strategic growth road maps, new business planning, career planning, transitions, work/life priorities, well-being, content development for group programs and events.

Energize your values, vision and vitality with Promoting Brilliance.

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