Balance for R-Factor™ Leaders

The R-Factor™
This refers to high Responsibility + Resilience + Respect. These are the traits of many leaders today who juggle the many diverse responsibilities which embody their work roles and personal lives. These traits promote effective collaboration and engage the deliver of necessary results. These high R-Factor™ Traits include:

  • A desire to make a difference
  • Embody respect
  • Embrace high standards for themselves
  • Hold themselves personally responsible at work and in life
  • Contain core confidence
  • Maintains accountability to meet objectives and create real results
  • Exemplify integrity with consistency
  • Being power infusers, rather than power mongers
  • Demonstrate resilience for collaboration
  • Realize the importance of showing-up for others
  • Thoughtfully time and deliver their message for effective communication
  • Support Competency Currency™ for themselves and others

Competency Currency™ is an assessment of an individual’s character and expertise, including: leadership values, expertise, natural strengths, skills, and actual performance. All of which coincide with the needs and culture of your organization and/or business marketplace.

R-Factor™ Leaders need self-care strategies to support balance. This helps avoid burnout or resentment, which can naturally occur with overuse of their R-Factor traits. Promoting Brilliance’s programs provide strategies, insight, tools, and processes required for designing individual self-care practices. These strategies include fundamentals for growth and self-awareness that connect with a leader’s reputation. Competency Currency™ refers to the value others experience both internally and externally, including employees, customers, and/or client relationships.

Learn how to balance and authentically utilize your R-Factor™ assets. Expand your Competency Currency™.

Energize your values, vision and vitality with Promoting Brilliance.

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