’tis The Season for Giving & Receiving

Promoting Brilliance offers year around pay it forward program —
Harbors & Halos

This is the time of year when people often ask, “How can I truly help another in need?” or “How can I give back?”. Promoting Brilliance provide a a service giving program, Harbors & Halos as a way for people to pay it forward or give back throughout the year. Designed for individuals experiencing unexpected loss of income and creative confidence. This program provides support for people people who may be experiencing loss of a job, health or family change related issues, such as divorce or loss of a loved one.

Our purposeful Career & Life Blending™ content and transition services are made available to individuals because of your willingness to “pay it forward” and make a contribution to our Promoting Brilliance Harbors & Halos program.

How can you get involved?

  • Share this with others you know who would want to participate.
  • Sponsor someone you know who needs our services.
  • Provide an anonymous financial offset for those who come to us in need.
  • Initiate a crowd-funding program for a particular individual.
  • Ask others to make a donation or sponsor someone they know.
  • Contribute with a participant who is willing to invest matching funds.

Contact Beth Wellesley to learn more about giving to Harbors & Halos. Call Beth at 612.824.0454 (o) or 612.325.5104 (m). Email her at beth@promotingbrilliance.com or use the CONNECTING menu.

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