Holiday Wishes from Beth

Life experience reshapes one’s “Holiday Wish List” and with all that has transpired in our world, I want to share what I want people to experience every day. This wish list is for you my readers, clients, friends, and family, and some of you who traverse all of these descriptions.

My big wish is that you always KNOW you are loved.

Knowing you are loved, and that you are lovable makes life good. This does not necessarily require another person (although it’s beautiful when it does). You can have a relationship with “Love” itself. Love has a mysterious way of being present, like a “noun” as well as being active, like a “verb”. Feeling loved through and through is yours for the receiving.

Whether you are looking for a new, more engaging workplace, juggling your career/life priorities, or burning yourself out by driving to meet impossible deadlines, never ever forget that love is present. It’s available for you. Yet we have to meet it, to receive it’s gift, which is simple to be loved.

May you give and receive encouragement.

Whatever you may be facing, the generosity encouragement brings is such a remarkable gift. My wish includes self-awareness to know what kind of encouragement you need, and what soothes your unique nature as well as your stage or phase of life. Self-care is a form of encouragement, especially when others who “encourage you” need it too.

Encouragement was born from kindness and so the courage to care and be kind often go hand-in-hand. Sometimes it is knowing another will really listen and walk beside us through the ups and downs. Other times encouragement may be the letting go of a habit, like self-ridicule.

This is the time of year when we can experience a full breadth of emotions — from having great appreciation, especially for an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family — to being overwhelmed by all the preparations — or the re-experiencing of our deepest sorrows for those who have passed, and will not be with us this holiday season. And so, I’ll end with this wish for all of us —

May we keep our hearts open.

Joy and good health to you and yours, now and always!

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