Working remote? Re-think Your Career Plans

As we approach a new year and look back, this past year may qualify as our “remote year” — when working from home became a global strategy to support the health of people, the environment, and business productivity. This may be a winning strategy yet their are challenges that cannot be denied. 

Critical exceptions to these strategies include the loss of genuine connectivity between people. Connections that are essential for building relationships, growing trust, and sustaining positive, work cultures for collaborative results.

  • Increased productivity and other benefits.
    The interest in remote work opportunities is high for employees. More than 69% want flex schedules as reported by SurePayroll Productivity Survey. Employees view the benefits of flex schedules as an opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency. It also boosts employee engagement and morale, while also lowering stress. One study, which has been conducted for more than 15-years, has the data to prove that employee productivity and engagement steadily increases when organizations incorporate flex schedules with effective communication and planning.
  • Global shift in what defines success.
    Viewed as a global movement more than 50% of those who work from home on a part-time basis, report that they would like to expand upon this and secure full-time opportunities. Research conducted by PGI, reports that 60% of knowledge workers are ready to leave their current jobs, if they secure a full-time, remote position with similar compensation structures. This is a shift in how professional success has been defined, viewed, and valued.
  • A “refresh” for retirement stage.
    Pew Research Center reports that professionals over the age of 64 are extending their careers far longer than at turn of the century. More than 74% of Americans over the age of 60 are willing to work well into their 70’s, especially if they can find a position with flexibility. Just a bit more than 34% of this age group would like to secure opportunities for full-time, work from home positions.

With more professionals working remote yet expected to work collaboratively to meet results — new communication skills will be required for professionals. These can be thoughtfully assessed to fit your communication skills and styles, and reflected within your career development plans.

Today’s leaders, managers, and supervisors will also be required to update strategies and skills for successfully managing “remote teams”. Keep these development needs top of mind as you design any new career plans. Enlist the services of Promoting Brilliance for your leadership growth and career development. Our Drama Busting™ insights and tools will also prove beneficial to you and your team’s communication and collaboration skill-building.

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