Yes, We Need One Another

It’s another snowy day in the Twin Cities and as I’ve seen it falling today I am reminded that I was told as a child that these big flakes gently falling are “kisses from above”. This winter’s extremes — from the Arctic Blast and repeating snowfalls to the blizzard winds — have caused hardship for many. And because I am wired the way I am, I get concerned about many things. For example how attitudes can change this time of year and how we may grow more impatient with one another. And because I’m committed to homeless children and youth I am even more concerned about people with no safe place to go. Today I found myself dreaming of new ideas for both Promoting Brilliance who cares for professionals providing career/life services as well as our commitment to the Token Hearts Foundation serving the needs of homeless people.

Some of you may know that my mom passed away on January 26th of this year. I have been taking time to do the things that one must do when someone who has been such an amazing influence on one’s life dies suddenly and unexpectedly. Grief is tricky. It is often experienced as fear and anxiety with long waves of exhaustion. This is why it is so important to give oneself time to process and feel what comes naturally especially in these early days. I am practicing what I would share with others. Gentleness and inner peace are my watch words on a daily basis.

Today I am remembering many things my mom taught me. I feel such deep appreciation for her many gifts, and this past week in particular I am reflecting upon how important connection is and how much people need to connect with others. My mother believed in this and shared in this wholeheartedly. And so with this first post of 2019, I invite you to be inspired by my great mother’s ability to connect — won’t you slow down a bit and reach out to someone you have not talked with for some time. Use your phone and call them. Let them know you are thinking of them and that you care. Why? Because YOU matter. And your connection with others does too. Making connections possible uplifts one’s spirit like a snow kiss from above. ❄️❄️ Love Boldly & Share Fierce Optimism

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