Power Up Your Enthusiasm

Spotting a cardinal in the winter has significant meaning for my family. Their crimson colors and tweets cultivate enthusiasm. We have never had a conversation about “why” this is — it just happens. I can still hear the magical tone of my father’s voice or my mother’s joy when either of them would tell me that they spotted a cardinal. If I happened to be with them when this occurred everything was stopped. The moment was saluted as if a world leader was in our midst or the best news ever was being given.

This time of year can challenge one’s enthusiasm. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with issues that impact your personal power, such as an unexpected loss or change? If you are in need of an uplift for your inspiration and energy — consider what creates enthusiasm in life for you? Possibly you will find it in the natural world by being present to sight a cardinal or enjoy sunshine and blue skies on a cloudless day? All of which can be stored up and savored in order to call upon later when you need to define or re-engage your career/life purpose.

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