Look for The Luminosity

There is an intrinsic beauty and brightness within you. Believe it or not, it also lives within your current circumstances. We are invited to grow throughout our lives. We are given challenges to do just that, and if we accept this mission we can learn to appreciate ourselves and others from a place of caring about that which makes us who we are. I see this as a practice for making space to reflect. Creating room to understand and appreciate all the ways we may be unique or different from one another. This is empathy in action. It can also create bonds of respect and trust.

Thankfully I live with someone who illuminates great care for our planet and ensures we are doing our part to recycle and make conscious choices about our resources. I value this, and yet my partner, Michael, has a passion for this that goes beyond my vision. He frequently enriches my thinking on this topic. At times this may be infuriating, for example when he asks me to slow down on “cleaning day” to have a garbage bag inspected to ensure we’ve separated out all the recyclables. In the early days of our relationship it was too easy for me to take this personally and experience this as fault-finding. Today, thankfully, I’ve grown and learned that this is his passion. And he lights up with purpose when we do our part. For Michael, this goes beyond protecting the planet and it speaks to his greater concern for people and future generations.

I encourage you to “cause the pause”, go deeper, and see what values the people in your life are focused on at this time. We can all learn a great deal from one another if we apply empathy in this way.

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