Uplift Your Vision

Ready for your next adventure?

The season of renewal is here. Whether you are ready to explore your next adventure, change your relationship with your current work, or claim more freedom by balancing your fulfillment with your livelihood, all of these begin by believing — “Yes, I am worth it. I can live my life engaged in what authentically matters”. Knowing this is essential. Making it happen often means giving yourself space to clarify and uplift your vision. Promoting Brilliance’s Vitality Services are designed to support this process as well as energize innovation and thoughtful strategies to embark your next adventure.

Vitality Services

Promoting Brilliance coaching services focus on vitality at work and in life. Our approach is customized to align your needs at all stages of career. We help you elevate your perspective and confidently activate your vision. Our Vitality Services are designed to meet your work/life goals and priorities, such as:

  • Envision the change you desire for new opportunities
  • Invest in your purpose and make choices to move it forward
  • Clarify your vision for navigating change
  • Maintain authentic confidence in times of uncertainty
  • Experience stability for valuable decision-making
  • Communicate confidence and grow trust
  • Shift your perspective when overwhelmed by stress
  • Design creative and practical career/life plans
  • Activate new practices for self-care
  • Sustain trust within your relationships
  • Enjoy this new phase of career/life as you step forward

Energize your values, vision and vitality with Promoting Brilliance.

Contact Beth Wellesley at 612.824.0454 (o) or 612.325.5104 (m). Email her at beth@promotingbrilliance.com or use the CONNECTING menu.