Say, “yes” (to a poetic bright spot)

As this small crowned intruder wakes us up, say, “yes” to all of the love. Inhale its labyrinth of colors, murmuring through this prophetic moment. Its liberated yellows swirling towards our hearts. Reminding us to lighten our gaze and focus on the gifts of assurance we share. Remaining loyal and steadfast as we encourage one another and say, “yes” to our truest comforts.

See the connections in our capacity to be decent and authentic. Healing this time together, we say, “yes” to our truest of reconciliations.

Find your caring within isolation and the wind storms of this incomparable season. Give space to yourself and those who need it, and say, “yes” to all possible kindnesses.

Make friends with rainbows like empathy. Seek yours out. Share it whenever possible. Allow its peace to fill you up. Let it be with you, and say, “yes” to the beauty of compassion.

Listen to your truth. The gentle soul of forgiveness. Hold the cares of others in your higher presence. Reach out and say, “yes” to the exquisite, boundless love surrounding us now.

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