Who are you now?

Every two days or so I ask myself this question: Who are you now? Prior to 2020 I challenged myself to reflect upon this question every six to twelve months as a matter of practice. Committed to self-honesty and kindness I pledged a long time ago to learn about the essential “me” — and I find this part of my being does not change all that much, it seems. Ironic? Yet, I find the irony comforting while all is unfolding around us today. 

I’ve discovered my essential Self remains true when tested by significant loss and grief. I found the need to stretch deeper to connect with love during these times. It reminds me why our fortitude is essential. A richer commitment to keep my heart open and my mind focused to experience a gentler return to my center. The energy to regain balance and sustain it on a daily basis necessitates resources beyond this time. “Letting-go” into this space is an art, freeing myself from that which is outside my control requires a full commitment of my creativity.

When serenity reaches out or washes upon my shore, I am struck by how tenderly my awareness shifts. If I am not ready to hold my boundaries, the tired questions flood over to overwhelm me once again. If I am not cautious I can forget. Doubt will creep in or anxiety will beat its drum to call upon old allies to encircle my inner sanctuary. When I remember to dance within and find my truest appreciation to make my way to those places within which cultivates my security and trust. When I experience this place within, I know:

I am human.
I am creative.
I am loving.

I love life.
I love people.
I love kindness.

I appreciate the mystery of life.
I appreciate the brilliance within people.
I appreciate the beauty of loving kindness. 

I faithfully continue my quest to sustain this inner balance, so I may love myself and others where we are today — and in all the days to come.

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