Diversity Is Not an Adversity

Human beings are diverse. We are a rich collection of disparate energies all of which support our ability to create and collaborate.

Diversity is in fact one of our greatest creative strengths.

Some of us choose to hold diversity within our hearts. We open our hearts to that which makes us unique. We look for it and appreciate it in others. We do not define ourselves or others by our gender, color, age, jobs, location, and so many other identities or values. We need to appreciate these differences, even more now. We need to learn to empathize and apply it — to ourselves and with one another. This especially includes learning to empathize with those who may not believe what we believe. This is not the time to sign up for the newly codified excuse, “Covid-19 Fatigue”. This politicizes what is going on and fosters further drama and divisiveness. We do not need any new labels or excuses to empower cynicism, apathy or destructiveness. 

Many people are grieving. I know I am. Ironically, this is when we human beings are often at our strongest. There are moments in the grief experience when I yearn to fully allow wisdom in – to move my emotions and change my perspective. Sometimes I am a very slow learner. When we face our experience and allow our emotions to be what they are and stop judging them as good or bad — we find emotional truth. This deepens our human experience, helping us to evolve and possess greater kindness. It helps us understand and find meaning for a new path to what’s next. 

The work grief gives us is necessary. It helps us put an end to the neglect, which often surrounds our creative doorways. In time it asks us to take the leap forward. It asks over and over again. We can listen. We can do this work. The benefits include varied opportunities to more fully know ourselves. To gain confidence and let go of fear that too often surrounds our differences. Doing our part to move through the grief, doing the work, actually helps us to learn to work together. It’s time to do this. We can move on and create comprehensive plans to address the things we actually need now. Walk with your hand forward, walk towards your heart’s brilliance, and allow your creative intelligence to be the guide.

Listen to our diversity and connect with core values such as love and creative integrity. 

Today, Monday, July 6, 2020, Covid-19 has overcome the lives of more than 534,000 people across the globe, nearly 130,000 of those being people living in the USA. Many pandemic reporting organizations state that indigenous people, people of color and elderly people are most vulnerable to the disease. The actual age of a human being does not make one’s life more or less valuable. The same is true based on other categories we assign and place on human beings. These differences are highlighted for business purposes, namely marketing, insurance, healthcare, and science industries. The value of life and how this is defined by the dollar was designed to help companies protect their assets. Actuaries analyze risk and cost of life for insurance. Marketing demographics are integrated into this analytical process. Along with age, actuaries consider race, gender, education, occupation, family circumstances, and other such categories.

The pandemic may have caused us to be living much like turtles, sheltering in place, physically distancing ourselves for safety purposes. Do not turtle up to the opportunity to utilize this time in history to change our relationships with the many “ism” viruses, including “me-isms”.  We cannot allow these viruses, designed to foster apathy and unkindness, to grow and mutate. Do not retreat into your shell and become numb to the true meaning of your diverse purpose.

Stretch yourself. Question your beliefs. Identify your values and how you want to put these into action now, at this time. Make new choices. 

We cannot allow the exhaustion or the relentless nature of these viruses to stop our creativity. Ask yourself: How can I make a difference now? Who can I assist? Uplift? How can I help create a new path forward?  Where can I lead solutions that focus on what is working well and stops the neglect and drama? 

Get involved. Stay engaged. And remember diversity is not an adversity. It’s our creative strength. 

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