Coax your creativity. Flex your fortitude.

Do you remember playing hide-and-seek as a child? This outdoor game routinely ended with a declaration, “Come out! Come out wherever you are!” If you were an experienced player, you rarely ran out on the first or second call. Most kids in my neighborhood learned this was often a trick being used for catching you, so you would than become “it”.  The times we are living through are regularly described as “tricky” – and yet your life is not a trick.

What’s also true is that we must become “it” in order for us to lead ourselves forward.

It’s time to know we are equipped and able to navigate the current terrain. We can steer the trustworthy course within our families as well as our communities and workplaces. We must not hide out from all of these extraordinary opportunities to grow. The dynamic and dimension of our current experience is filled with possibilities to listen and encourage one another.

There are times when we may not feel up to the challenge or perhaps we are actually resisting it? We may not feel secure given all the times we’ve been tricked previously? Yet we must look within and see the brilliance of our resilience.

Ask yourself: What is it that I care about now?

  • How does what I care about apply to my family? Or other relationships?
  • How can I bring what I care about forward and share it with my community?
  • How can I bring this forward within my work and career?
  • Or within my relationships with people I work with?

Yes, there is plenty to digest. Just as there are ample opportunities to learn from all that is transpiring this year. We are being given an immense array of options to listen and let go of our resistance. This is not a trick. Referring to the resistance that surrounds any process of change is a way of framing the fact that we are being given multiple opportunities to learn and let go of our defensiveness as well as our need to “be right”, “to argue to win” or “compete” rather than be open to authentic collaboration.

How we engage and show up is essential. We are not able to control others or all outcomes, yet we possess the ability to govern our presence and how we communicate (with ourselves and others). We can lead ourselves forward expressing our real values. We can let go of fear and choose compassion and creativity. We can share these with others and make the difference we need by caring more about what we can do to serve each other.

It’s time to coax yourself to be more creative and flex those fortitude muscles. We need you in the game of sustaining the good life.

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