Ask The Big Questions

Are complex events and greater awareness of uncertainty in 2020 causing you to see things differently? At the very least it may be impacting how you view your life choices? This includes your career, life and relationship choices. Your identity and livelihood is in flux. This impacts your career choices and opportunities, your leadership approach and vision, and your confidence and growth. Simply put – your creative power at work.

Things can feel out-of-control and difficult to manage. If we own where we are, and we can accept this is where we are meant to be – for now – it helps us to let go of any doubt or struggle, including the tyranny of our inner critics. Acceptance helps us place a pause on any over-thinking or over-analysis. It’s easier to own our current situation if we seek out all that we are learning.

Now is a good time to consider: Where you are? What’s changing and evolving for you? And where you want to go?

Begin by checking in with your choices.
Consider these questions about your career: In what ways has your expertise helped others? What capabilities do you have that will make a difference? How do you create positive change and going forward how will you create productive change?

Reflect on your roles.
What roles do you most enjoy? Which roles are best suited for you today? What changes, if any, would you like to initiate about your work roles? Summarize the steps you will take to initiate change.

Take an inventory of your leadership and your communication.
What values do you need to focus on today? What values does your team need to experience more of? How can you demonstrate your values more naturally? During these unusual and uncertain times, in what new ways can you be a leader to others? Who needs to hear from you or be heard?

Invest in appreciation. Make it a ritual.
Seeing what we are learning helps us appreciate ourselves and our strengths. Make room to invest in this practice of appreciation every day. Create a list and continue adding to it. Read it out loud. Decide to take an inventory of your daily experience, include what you did to express your values, create positive change, or share appreciation with others. Speak up and let people know why you appreciate them. Appreciation is an essential human need and it inspires people.

Define what success means to you today.
Life experience often changes our definitions of success. As we “catch-up” with how we are changing we can find greater alignment and satisfaction with what is in our control and more easily accept what is out of control. How you view success may be changing? Your aspirations may be too? This does not mean you need to change your aspirations or definitions of success, yet the change you experience is often a signal that there is a need to adapt and evolve. It’s good to be aware of how you are changing. When you understand how you are changing and its impact it will help you create new opportunities. It will also assist you in more clearly communicating and negotiating with any potential collaborators. All of which helps you to identify the choices and direction you are willing to pursue now and in the future.

Update your growth and development strategy.
What would you like to do to learn or go beyond your current role or your current expertise? What most impacts your growth today? Is there anything that prevents you from doing this at this time? In what ways can you modify or change your relationship with time so you create more room to invest in your growth? This includes opportunities to grow beyond your career.

Be confident in your future.
When we know how we are growing and evolving we can let go of doubt and claim greater optimism for the current time and future. Enrich self-respect by giving yourself space to update how you will choose to innovate and participate within your life going forward. Ask the big questions:

  • What really matters to me today? What’s my purpose?
  • How do I want to make a difference?
  • How will I move my purpose forward?
  • When will I act on my purpose? What are my next steps and timelines?

The answers to these questions will become clearer as you believe in your core values and engage with your creative power.

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