Your values are your compass

Serving you well in uncertain times.

Our culture promotes the evaluation of success in terms of what we do, what we produce and the economic power it generates. Our presence, the experience we create with others, how we contribute by way of our individual values, and the nature of living as a human “being” who shares respect, kindness and empathy are too easily marginalized, minimized and discarded.

Now is a beautiful time to give yourself space to breath deep and consider: What success means to you? How you define it? How you focus or act on it in accordance with your own values and beliefs?

Our definitions of what it means to create and be of success are a process of simulation. Meaning it originates by way of what we’ve learned, what’s been modeled to us, or held-up as most valuable within family beliefs and customs as well as work cultures, leadership styles and performance standards. Our communities, social groups and cultural conventions all contribute to these definitions of success and become key messages for our beliefs and even brands for group values, mores, standards, agreements, and philosophies. This is how we learn, simulate and evolve. Now is an effective time to consider how your beliefs have shaped your values and decisions.

If we are lucky we receive and seize the opportunity to ask and update “The Big Questions”, as mentioned in a previous blog article, this includes: What do I really care about? What’s my purpose? These questions can be applied to all areas of life. There is a “term” for this growth process in human development, it’s called differentiation. It happens more than once over the course of life if we are courageous enough to step back and ask the big questions, thoughtfully consider what’s valuable to our character, and commit to engage what is true and authentic.

Values serve as a compass, which may be even more essential to us now. During this critical time within our global community give yourself the space to ask:   

What do I value now?

  • My focus? (time, energy, purpose)
  • My priorities? (relationships and roles within my family, community, social life, and work/career)
  • My service? (authentic interests, talents, and expertise)
  • My actions? What am I creating, changing, modifying, contributing, releasing, updating, and allowing?

What do I believe? 

  • Which beliefs do I possess that inspire me now? Motivate me? Challenge me?
  • Do I need to create new beliefs based on my values and my definitions of these values?
  • Did I inherit specific beliefs that I need to release now?
  • Which beliefs will I sustain going forward? Do I need to modify some of my beliefs?

These questions enrich awareness and expand self-trust. Demonstrating how your values can support your focus, attitude and actions. They will serve you well in these uncertain times. Allow your values to be your compass.

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