Love Boldly. See More Clearly.

Being focused is more difficult after many days of pandemic living. Finding clarity in the paradox that surrounds these times has challenged many. You may recall a time when you were more sure-footed? Or perhaps at this phase, you are regaining a sense of steadiness in learning how to care for yourself while working remote? Others are ready – ready to stretch beyond the grief that hangs in the atmosphere.

The sunshine takes root. Anticipation is real and present. Desire sails by in waves. A desire to see people, to share space in-person, and to hear the words up close. Familiar words, like “thank you”. Appreciation can be expressed today for all the lessons which come by way of people. Some have taught us to explore the depths of love by way of accepting our human follies. The places where we needlessly disconnect and distract one another through our human dramas. The injuries long to heal with time together. Friendship can be a beacon within this experience. Old friends, new friends, work friends, family friends, and neighbors. Each sharing wisdom in their own unique way. 

Yet the darkness of our collective unawareness lingers. We must remember to care by way of sharing empathy with one another. After all what is the point? I was taught long ago that our purpose is to experience love and to share this with one another. Ironic, the opportunity to do so comes in many forms. Often in the form of a lesson. We can learn from the unawareness we possess. It can mask itself in a lack of love.

Sunshine teaches us to be constant. Always present no matter what mask is worn. If the weather is gloomy or cold, rainy or windy, the sun still shines above it all. Like the sun, we find and express our wholeness in all the ways we may extend ourselves to others. Regardless of the atmosphere surrounding us, we can contribute to the well-being of others.

The extremes of these times can overwhelm us. When this occurs consider it a reminder that we need to open ourselves up even more to love’s cooperation. This is why I write and share, “Love boldly”. We need to be bolder. Bolder in the loving. Bolder with our truth. Bolder with our words in cultivating kindness. Our sadness and grief can be an opening. Like one of love’s colors. Perhaps a tone we do not care to experience, especially when it is overwhelming us however, sadness tells us how richly and deeply we care.  

The limits of this pandemic gifted us with the opportunity to travel inward. To go within, reflect more deeply, process and give more room to honor our unique experience with life. I have discovered sadness, like a brush stroke on life’s canvas, stretches itself out to illuminate all that I value. There were many times early in my life I was unsure of my ability to navigate its darkness. This can still linger. When this happens, I feel fortunate to remember the lyrics of a favorite song. Today I hear Johnny Nash’s song, “I Can See Clearly Now”.

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way…
It’s gonna be a be a bright (bright), bright (bright) sunshiny day”

Life is not a test rather a great, creative endeavor. Our creativity is a brighter power. Gaining momentum as we allow our love to flow. The satisfaction of simply being present. Being alive and filled with love is enough. Being enough means you are love, loved, loving, and lovable. There is no need to hesitate. To love boldly means forgiving oneself for all the worry and anxiety. Forgiving all the sadness and self-sabotage. Forgiving oneself for any time you may have dropped your oars by repressing love and not allowing it to flow. Loving boldly also means letting go of any unkindness expressed that has been carried into today.

Consider this? Thank those who express their care for you. Thank those who are loyal. Those who share visions of goodness for your life and work to help you make it a reality. Your teachers in every area of your life, even those who may have taught you the more difficult lessons. Be grateful for the lessons too. Especially those that point to the paradox we often experience here. The irony that lives within the loving. The paradox that plays out within parallel yet connected attributes such as: pain and love, detachment and connection, thoughtlessness and kindness, confusion and clarity.

May you see more clearly and love boldly, knowing your purpose matters and is needed here.

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