Weekend Wonders

Chart your course for a weekend that is yours. Be free to explore. You may set priorities for self-care. Clear the clutter or any excuses that are holding yourself back from what is important to you. For some this may mean cleaning or de-cluttering. For others a quiet walk, curling up with a good book, or calling an old friend to catch-up.

What do you want to release? This may lead to other questions, such as: How can I make room for creative self-expression? Perhaps it’s time to see that all you are focused on every day is an expression of your creativity. In deed this will change your relationship with daily life. When we see our work or job search, our daily routines and chores as well as our conversations and relationships as a creative endeavor, we open ourselves up to creativity. We realize we have more expansive choices. This removes the limits. Especially if we believe our weekends are the only time we possess to recharge, relax or create.

If you have been experiencing repeated frustrations or doubt this is your cue. A cue that it may be time to acknowledge the thoughts and emotions that need to be tended to and given a voice. These often signal we possess a belief that is outdated. One that may be running your experience and the stories you are telling. Reflect on what you are telling yourself in connection with your frustrations and doubt. Does it limit your ability to wonder or be curious? Perhaps it’s time to reframe this belief and allow yourself the space to let it go.  

Recently I read, “The key to reflection is to forget what you think you need.” This rings true for change. Giving ourselves permission to appreciate what is good can pave the way to freeing ourselves to wander, daydream and envision. Cause the pause and consider how you can choose the wonders that are present and available to you this weekend. Allow and approach your day-to-day in a similar way.

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