It’s World Compliment Day

Words matter. As a word lover myself, I am delighted to know March 1st is “World Compliment Day”, originally started in the Netherlands as “National Compliment Day. It was initiated to address the basic human need for recognition and appreciation. It is not a commercially oriented day rather a day of words.

Today make room to reflect on the people within your life who you wish to compliment. Consider how they make a difference, contribute their expertise, inspire or uplift you. Don’t hesitate. Make this the day to reach out and let them know.  

Appreciation energizes people. It increases well-being, esteem and confidence. Authentic accolades can be a rare gift. When we see one another, this makes a powerful difference. When we share sincere acknowledgements of others we add trust just like vitamins that support the nutritional value within our relationships.

Or as Mark Twain said, “I can live for two months on a compliment.”