Patience to Persist

In the midst of all that is shifting and transitioning it’s natural to ask questions. We may ask scores of questions. When the answers do not come easily it’s an instinctive reaction to clamp down, clenching more heavily onto the questions. Doing this over and over again, and all the while asking more or different questions in the same vein influences stress. We may grip ever more tightly on the results we are seeking.

If we become too rigid. Too rigid to see solutions we may repeat this all the while asking ourselves more questions, such as: Where should I focus? What else can I be doing? How do I figure this out? When is it time to change course? Am I doing enough? Am I approaching this incorrectly? Am I wrong about this? What else will help me assess this situation and my own capabilities? Am I even asking the “right” questions? 

Asking questions when overly stressed or if focused on uncertain outcomes factor into the elevation of our stress. It may overwhelm or cloud creative vision. If this happens we need to give ourselves more space. We need kindness and care to breathe deeply, literally breathing more deeply. This helps us to open up and remain so. Releasing stress in this way stretches us and our points of view. A fresher perspective makes it possible to see real options and methods for innovating. Clarity by way of breathing brings with it balance and focus for new possibilities that shifts and joins together what is both creative and practical.

Peace of mind sparks optimism and lifts spirits like a personal passport to creative clarity.

If the answers to our questions or the solutions we seek do not present themselves, we make our expectations known. We may voice all the things we want or don’t want. We may list all that we expect. The intensity often grows if we become worried or frustrated with these lists. Worry, fear, frustration and doubt often trigger an inner alarm. One that is telling us it is time to protect ourselves from our experiences. Our response to this alarm may be automatic. We may choose a next step without fully realizing it, thinking it through, or being consciously aware. These types of responses are often described as the times when we are more prone to react or to protect oneself by choosing to hesitate, postpone, avoid, or procrastinate. 

In times when your inner alarm is sounding, be sure to summon the wise words: “Patience is a virtue”. The insight within this adage is needed yet not always easy. Make patience your value and a guide for transitions. A shift in perspective is essential. Patience and the fortitude of our persistence is needed to work with the cross currents of these shifting times. These give us the opportunity to update our boundaries. Particularly when we want to join patience and persistence together, allowing them to work in partnership for your vitality.

Persistence needs the peace found within patience. It cultivates inner calm needed to keep going. We need to calm the turbulence of our automatic responses that cause us to avoid, postpone or hesitate. Knowing patience is not the same as procrastination is critical. Patience supports staying power and supplies a unique energy we need to transform. It helps us sustain our composer in times of stress and keeps our vision on the goal to resolve what is needed without looking at the clock.

If your focus becomes fuzzy or if it feels fleeting remember to breathe more deeply. Get engaged with an activity that brings enjoyment and gives simpler satisfaction. Do this while giving your attention to each breath, remaining present as you inhale and exhale. Repeat this and think of all that is calm and satisfying in your life. Support your patience to persist. Allow your inner peace to resume and flow and be yourself. 

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