Welcome to My World

I am the sapling
Stretching towards the light
Caught in the mirror of your eyes

I am the ember
Sparking creativity
Sharing glimmers of what is possible for you

I am the tears
Singing along for the joyful
Promise within your life

I am the tree
Standing tall
To guard and protect you from all obscurity

I am the flames
Warming your heart
When darkness discourages you

I am the wave
Carrying you away
Into the gracious lands of your imagination

I am the forest
Cut down
By a lack of awareness
Or willingness to see humanity

I am the fire
Lite to get
All of your attention

I am the ocean
Carrying your emotion
With waking waves
So that you may hear

by Beth Wellesley, March 2021

The poet in me woke-up to this today. Inspired by our pandemic year and the music I am hearing for creating opportunities to love ever more boldly, listen with patience, allow wisdom to be known, forgive as a practice and not a destination, and to know we have the power to be together and support empathy for change. I need your support. Maybe you need mine? Believing in love, always, Beth