World Water Day

Water is a favorite place for me to be. It’s a big reason I moved to Minnesota. If it were possible, I would work in the water and offer my Promoting Brilliance services there. Can’t you see it? Wadding along the beach or poolside and investing in change and growth in that environment? Maybe yes, or perhaps that’s not for you? Either way, today I was reminded it is World Water Day and wanted to share this year’s message.

World Water Day was started in 1993 by the United Nations. Its purpose continues to promote and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. UN-Water elects a theme for each year. This year’s 2021 theme is all about “Valuing Water”. The UN-Water launched a public campaign to invite people to join a global conversation and to tell our stories, thoughts and feelings about water.

Learn more about World Water Day and share the ways you value water in your life and within your community at:

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