The Gift of Kind Words

As things continue to evolve and change we need reminders to be kind with ourselves and others. Recently, I was asked to share a message that could be read at the start of a day and throughout the day to remain energized and calm. This is something I truly value and bring to my service. Below are two messages of authentic kindness written to keep your focus. Consider this a gift from me to you.

Today I choose to let go of any pain or suffering I experience, including any rejection, frustration, doubt, or fear.  No longer will these overwhelm me nor shade all of the love that is available to me now, and always. Peace is here. It lives within me. I am choosing love. And I am allowing love to carry all suffering away. I am giving more space for healing to be whole. Love is within me and all around me at all times. I am breathing in all of the love.

My energy comes from love. Love follows my intentions every step along the way. I am aware of the power I am given to choose where I focus. Today I focus on appreciation. I see all that is working well for myself and others. I look for all progress. I see the many healthy changes I am committed to and I will continue to sustain. I am invigorated.

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