More Hearing & Less Fearing

Hearing one another allows for more productive collaboration. 

Given all the ways we communicate via email, text, and instant messaging as well as our social media channels we are reading more and more. When the topics discussed are simple or straight forward this can be efficient. Yet it can also present blind spots due to the reality that we are absent of the connection from hearing any nuance that creates genuine understanding. 

Our real voice-to-voice communication adds to a fuller picture and purpose. Unfortunately, these tools can trigger another kind of connection that leads to analysis and even over-analysis, making us prone to react to our worst-case imaginings. Simply put a reliance on these types of communication tools can trigger our concerns and fears.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I engage with others today differently so that I hear what’s being shared? 
  • Is it time to connect more by phone or video on a specific topic rather than sending yet another email? 
  • Am I allowing others to be heard without interruption?
  • Will I learn how to prevent any future reactions?  
  • Do I believe I can change and learn to work productively with anxiety or fear-based thinking?
  • Do I need to step back and listen to seek a fuller perspective?
  • Will I commit to learning and applying new skills? 

Invest in the change that is possible for hearing more and fearing less.

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