Can Do for Collaboration

Cooperating for collaboration requires a willingness to be aware of the limitations of a “me and mine” mindset. It also necessitates an openness to become aware of the many ways this mindset is communicated. Start by making yourself ready let go of any “me-centric” attitudes and agendas. Make this your collaborative purpose. This is essential. Next be willing to genuinely include others. Commit yourself to listening more and applying empathy within the collaborative process.

Below are a few cooperative collaboration “starters” that will help you set the table for effective listening and genuine empathy:

– What can we do to make things work for all concerned?
– What else can we do to support the work, group, team, or organization?
– Tell us more about the impact of our contributions?
– Do you see a specific way forward that will work for all concerned?
– What can we do or change to make this work more effectively?
– What else can we focus on to make our collaboration productive?

We each have the power to change our minds and perspectives as well as our approaches and attitudes. Remember this at each phase and stage of your collaborative initiatives. Our willingness to change is part of the brilliance that is available to each of us.

Cooperative collaboration says, “Can do”! Make this your mission as you step forward today, and in the weeks ahead.

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